Authentic Pearls

For thousands of years, dating back to the 17th century, pearls have been revered has the most valued and enchanting gems. They were the original gems discovered thousands of years ago. Unlike other jewels, pearls are created inside of oysters. An oyster produces these lustrous, round shapes to protect itself from parasites and other irritants. The oyster surrounds the particle with a shiny material, and it continues to form until it produces a beautiful pearl. Although it’s rare, clams and mussels can also produce pearls.

Pearls are found in various parts of the world at the bottom of the ocean floor. Originally, pearl divers would dive into the ocean to recover these precious gems. Currently, there are cultured pearl farms that produce billions of pearls each year. At pearl farms, thousands of oysters are implanted with tiny particles, which promote the production of billions of pearls each year. Rather than collecting oysters from the ocean, many farmers create thousands of pearls through the process of nucleation.

Various species of pearl oysters are cultivated on pearl farms to produce different types of pearls. For instance, the Black-Lip pearl oysters are used to create the Tahitian pearl necklace. This highly recognized pearl necklace come in dark black or grayish colors as well as other colors, such as blue, pink and silver.

Tahitian Pearl Necklace

A high-quality pearl is resilient and can last for many years. Some families have treasured these precious gems and passed them along from generation to generation. The quality of the pearl is determined by its round shape and the lightweight texture. The shiny appearance of the gem and its three-dimensional color also reveals the authentic form of a pearl. The appearance can also reflect images, similar to a mirror. Although cultured pearls are formed in different circular shapes, the rarest of authentic pearls have perfect round shapes. Larger pearls are usually higher priced than smaller pearls.

You’ll find high-quality, round pearls from leading wholesalers that directly import the stunning South Sea pearls, such as The Pearl Source. There are also other varieties of oyster pearl necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, including the South Sea, Japanese Akoya and Freshwater pearls.


Handbag Pick: Rebecca Minkoff Saffiano Amorous Satchel

I’m loving RED. And this satchel is just LOVE.

I know its not February aka the love month anymore but this hot red bag is just making me want it: Rebecca Minkoff Saffiano Amorous Satchel Top Handle Bag - $325

Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Top Handle Bag,Hot Red,One Size

If you’re not crazy about the hot red color, then it also comes in scarlet (yup, a deep shade of red) and the more subtle white/black combination.


Pretty Little Bracelets for Girls

I have a  little lady who is just so into fashionable stuff. Maybe it rubs off from mommy! What she particularly enjoys are pretty bracelets, we keep teasing her she’d be better off being The Jeweler’s Wife if this goes on.  However much she likes jewelry I’m not about to splurge and buy her really expensive stuff.

Thankfully, there are lots of fashion jewelry brands who cater for girls offering really pretty items at great prices. One of our favorites – Little Miss Twin Stars Girls!

They have some really pretty stuff, even me (at times) want to wear them! Anyway, I was checking out some Little Miss Twin Stars Girls bracelets from them coz I intend to give them to my daughter for her birthday and I found these really lovely bracelets for girls…


Little Miss Twin Stars Girls' Pink Hearts and Fresh Water Pearls Vermeil Chain Charm Bracelet, 5.5"

Little Miss Twin Stars Girls’ Pink Hearts and Fresh Water Pearls Vermeil Chain Charm Bracelet


Little Miss Twin Stars Girls' 14K Gold Plated Pink, Hot Pink and White Flowers Bangle Bracelet, 50"

Little Miss Twin Stars Girls’ 14K Gold Plated Pink, Hot Pink and White Flowers Bangle Bracelet

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The Adventurous Photography

Looking at pictures that show adventures and crazy experiences, someone is passing through is always motivating and inspiring. Because, life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, it is measured by the moments that take your breath away. When capturing such moments, magic happens. And thinking that right now, people all around the world are living their lives at the fullest, motivates others. Somewhere in China, there is a New York Photographer that takes pictures of people eating bugs; somewhere in Switzerland there may be a group of friends, climbing the most dangerous mountain, named Eiger and taking pictures of their awesome experiences.

An adventure is a peak of someone’s life and the pictures that portray it are going to make that someone smile and feel a little bit of nostalgia every time he will be looking at them.

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