Beauty Horoscope?!

Well, yeah. A beauty horoscope. That’s what I checked out this morning when I woke up. Hahaha! I know, some might find it laugh worthy but hey! it’s all good to have a little fun. Who knows the beauty advice for my sign (Pisces) might work out for me today. So I was curious if  that nice little watch would be a nice buy today.

Here’s my beauty horoscope from iVillage:

Find beauty in a good compromise. You love sassy shoes but you need practical ones — how about a patent-leather wedge? You’d love to work out but you just don’t have the time. Could you walk or bike to and from work?

and another one from Seventeen:

Start off the week on the right foot — literally. Shoes may be the last thing you throw on, but they can change your look entirely! Comfort, empowerment, sophistication … whatever your fashion goal, finish it off right.

Hmm. Everything seem to be shoe-related.  Anyway, let’s all have a great, beautiful week!

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