Budget Catalog Printing

I’m on the hunt. For cheap catalog printing online.. I’ve been doing lots of canvassing for this services, but I’m dilly dallying because I want to be sure about the print quality.

You see, one of my ‘sidelines’ or perhaps we shall just call it a hobby is graphic designing. And I’ve been thinking of taking this to another level and making a business out of it.

Sure for now, I accept a few graphic design work, layouting etc. But its mostly on an occasional basis. I also spend a lot of time designing scrapbook elements which I give out for free in my scrapbooking blog and also I’ve been learning mobile theming.

Anyway, I’m putting together some sort of portfolio and putting up a website then also having a catalog printed, hence the hunt for catalog printers. So, if you happen to know one or have used them yourself, I would be very much grateful for some tips and recommendations.

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