Hairspa Heaven at Devachan Salon & Other Spa Musings

It’s raining here right now. And of course, as per usual when its a bit cold and wet, I’m curled up on the sofa and surfing the web. And what am I looking for? Hair products, devachan salon curly hair products, in particular. Why? You may ask. I know its out of character for me but I just realized that I lived for over 30 years already and all I’ve been sporting is straight hair. So now, I wanna go against my usual norm and have glorious, curly mane. I’m having a little vain moment right now and I kinda wish that I have my own salon equipment and start experimenting on my hair style.

You see, the only time my hair has been curly wavy was when I was in my 20’s and I was always busy with work, no time for hair care, hair salons and whatnots so my hair was just terribly unkempt and ugly. It was like I slept the whole night, rolled over and went straight to work without bothering to comb. That was the look I favored then. Hahaha! Thankfully, my husband didn’t see me in that state.

Anyway, I’m veering off the point. In my country, people have a strong bias for straight, silky hair. Well, that’s what I conclude anyway since 90% of the hair shampoo ads were showing these gorgeous ladies with super straight hair. And so everyone wanted to have straight hair. And I wanted to be with everyone. I know we do go through that stage where we fear being different.

But to be honest, I have always had a secret longing for curly, if not wavy hair. I don’t know, I just find them so feminine and sexy. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I envied Caucasian ladies I see proudly sporting messy, curly hairdo’s. But now that I’m pretty confident about fashion and my own personal style, I figured, why should I just look and envy, I could very well try it! I’m actually planning to go to the salon soon, and have my hair temporarily curled to see if it would look good with my face shape. And I’m very excited about it!

Also, someone has been asking me what would make a great gift to girl friends. I have an easy answer to that: spa treatments! Nothing really beats getting pampered in the spa. In fact, if its me, I would be crazy grateful if someone hands me a spa gift certificate with a massage, a body scrub, wrap and aromatherapy bath.


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