Let’s Talk About Estheticians

First things first, what’s an esthetician? Before we ramble on about Esthetician supplies, we surely want to know what is an esthetician first. To be really honest, I didn’t know what is an esthetician, it was only recently that I encountered the term and decided to find out what it is.

An esthetician is a professional working in skin care therapy. They are usually employed in spas and beauty clinics. They are trained in cosmetic treatment of the skin. They often perform a variety of specialty skin treatments like facials, waxing and so on. So now we know that our favorite spa pro can also be called an esthetician. The term is so scientific sounding if you ask me.

Spa Facial Treatments

I’ve always loved going to spas for treatments. It’s really a fabulous way to pamper one’s self and to take care of yourself. Every visit to a spa for me, makes me more relaxed, confident. I may not look like a supermodel after I come out, but I feel good about myself and know that I look good. And that is gift most women should have. So I always have high regard for spa therapists, perhaps its just a job for them, but they do help in different ways.

I got to talk to one esthetician in one of my favorite spas and she told me being a professional spa therapist/esthetician is hard work and it takes a lot of training, education for them to be absolutely good at what they do. She said, there are times some people look down on their profession as a mere second to a dermatologist, but this should not be the case since the two are vastly different. While dermatologists are concerned with medical aspect of skin care, an esthetician is also important in a way that they perform treatments complementary to what the doctor’s prescribes.

Estheticians are more geared towards ongoing care treatments for your skin and they do not prescribe medication for skin conditions. But they do provide skin care advice and product recommendations like suitable moisturizers, cleansers and other over the counter treatments. So I figured not only do they are different with dermatologists in terms of treatment scopes but of course their tools of the trade or supplies are also different.

After this random bout of curiosity, I now have a lot more appreciation and respect for my esthetician.

Disclaimer: This is brought to you by an advertiser, however, all the points and views are my own.

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