Pretty Headbands Mania

Since last year, we’ve been on a what we call ‘pretty headband mania’. I blame it on those Korean dramas and their prettily styled stars. And those headbands aren’t only for kids and teens. A whole lot of them look fabulous on lovely ladies like us!

If you’re not familiar with what I’m blabbing about check out the My Princess drama trailer. The leading lady sports lots of super pretty headbands there. Hmm, come to think of it, this was one of THE drama’s that drove the headband mania to its peak. I didn’t even watch it but I got into the headband fashion. Hahaha!

YouTube Preview Image

and it even inspired Etsy, Ebay and other shops to come out with ‘My Princess’ headbands.

Pretty Korean Style Headbands

Anyway, where do I buy them? Some are available locally where I’m currently based. But most of our headband loot I buy from Korean shopping site Gmarket.

And now I fancy having these two…(both are available at

Pretty Headbands

Pretty Headbands



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