What You Need to Fill Your House With

Not everyone goes for the bare minimalist look. For many, to help their house truly feel like a home, a few personal touches are needed here and there to effect a transformation. Presuming that your colour-scheme is already set in stone, here are some suggestions of how to stamp your own personal style on your home.

Local artwork

Choosing which pictures to hang or sculptures to place can be some of the most fun you’ll have decorating your space. If you’re going for an original, try and find something that has a connection with the local area – perhaps a nearby landscape or a piece from a local creative. This will individualize your home within a context, firmly placing it within your locality while providing a unique feel given that no one else is likely to have the same piece.


It’s a well-established fact that lighting can make a room seem more cramped or spacious, depending on the layout. The key is having adjustable brightness in your space, which means installing multiple lamps as opposed to a central, fixed bulb. Up-lighters and wall-washers will allow your walls to appear taller and your ceilings higher, whilst illuminating all corners will mean you’re making the most of the size. For a cozier environment, use several little lamps and try to keep light away from the ceiling altogether.

Vintage storage

It won’t suit every room design, but quirky used suitcases, chests and packing crates that can be sourced from antiques dealers or flea markets are a stylish alternative when it comes to storage. They add vintage intrigue to any interior, whether they’re used for clothes and shoes in the bedroom or books and DVDs in the lounge. And don’t be put off by dust or wear when you first find them – they can be buffed up easily enough.

Moving in can be a stressful business and making a house a home even more so. However, when you find a piece you truly love, there’ll be no hesitation in handing over those credit cards.

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